Our Company

For over 2 decades, FoodTeam has been a world player in the production and sale of IQF frozen foods. Our mission is to preserve the gifts of mother nature as purely as possible using the natural benefits of frozen. In order to attain this goal, we control every step in the supply chain to guarantee the best possible quality of our products – from field to fork.

Sustainability within our growing and production environments are key to our business model. Our sustainable thinking also translates over to the waste during harvesting and production, which is recycled for energy purposes to local family homes.

Our objective is to provide our customers with products that meet the highest food safety and quality standards. With our flexible and dedicated employees, we can guarantee customized production according to every possible specification whether from the perspective of taste, colour or size. With our developing capabilities and expertise, FoodTeam have also become a major player in organic and bio-dynamic vegetables within Europe.

FoodTeam’s key goal is to understand their customer’s business, from product application to end process. This way we can ensure our products are utilized to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We customize our production in any choice of packaging on behalf of retailers, wholesalers, Industrial processors as well as food distributors, delivering on time, and to specification. Going the extra mile is what we are engineered to do!

For these reasons, FoodTeam has continued to grow year on year, with representatives stretching across the globe.  From Europe, to Asia, South America, Australia and USA, and with our key European offices based in The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy, our team is always on hand.